European Delivery


Choose European Delivery and immerse yourself in the Mercedes-Benz experience. How it works:

  1. Select and build your Mercedes-Benz. Not all Mercedes-Benz models are available as part of the  European Delivery program. It's best to contact Mercedes-Benz of Stockton for a list of available models.
  2. Fly to Germany. European Delivery includes one night accommodation in one of two luxurious hotels in Stuttgart or Bremen Germany, and a Delta Air Line voucher of $200. 
  3. Drive your Mercedes-Benz around Europe. Enjoy transportation from your hotel to the dealer and meet your Mercedes-Benz for the first time. After dining at the Sindelfingen or Bremen factory restaurant the choice is yours, because as part of the European Delivery program you'll enjoy:
      • Luxurious travel package options
      • 15 days European Road Insurance with zero deductible
      • Tickets to the Mercedes Museum
      • Tour of the Mercedes-Benz factory
      • A full tank of gas

Benefits of European Delivery:

  • Savings of up to 7% off MSRP depending on the model, including some optional equipment 
  • Chance to explore Europe in your new Mercedes-Benz with a unique travel package prepared by Mercedes-Benz of Stockton. Travel locations include the Swiss Alps, the Black Forest, the French Riviera, and more.
  • Conveyance from eleven European drop-off points to port of shipment 
  • Ocean freight to a U.S. port
  • Marine insurance
  • Vehicle Preparation Center Processing to factory standards
  • Transportation to the selling / delivering dealer
  • Waiver of $925 destination charge

To learn more about the Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program, please call Mercedes-Benz of Stockton at (877) 428-0295 or visit.