How to Use Online Shopper


At Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, our priority is making sure every Lodi and Lathrop driver who is searching for their ideal new vehicle can find what they’re looking for with a financing plan they’ll feel confident about. We are always looking out for innovative new ways we can go the extra mile to exceed your expectations, and we’re excited to tell you more about Online Shopper! With this amenity, you can find and fully purchase your favorite new or used vehicle in our inventory from the comfort of your home. You can learn more about how to buy a car online with Online Shopper, below.

What Is Online Shopper?

Online Shopper is a groundbreaking car-buying service that enables you to find, finance, and fully purchase a vehicle online from Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, without ever having to venture out to our dealership in Stockton. You can complete the process from a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. Online Shopper puts real-time inputs to work, guiding Discovery Bay shoppers toward the most advantageous finance offer on the new, used, or Certified Pre-Owned vehicle they’ve got their eye on. In no more than a few minutes, Online Shopper gathers your unique answers to its questions to develop a personalized new or used car deal that suits your circumstances.

How to Buy a Car Online With Online Shopper

Using Online Shopper as your very own online personal shopper to find your next Mercedes-Benz vehicle is simple! Just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Select Your Car: Locate the new or used vehicle you want to purchase within our online inventory. Once you find your model, click on the blue “Show Payment Options” button.
  2. Answer Questions: A new tab will open, with prompts for you to fill out and answer questions about you, your driving habits, any potential rebates, and your credit score. This information provides Online Shopper with what it needs to generate a personalized deal for you.
  3. Trade-In: Do you plan to trade-in a car and apply the credit toward your new purchase? If so, there is a spot on the form where you can fill us in on the details about the make, model, model year, and condition of your trade; be sure to be as accurate as possible with the details.
  4. Down Payment: In this section, you can tell Online Shopper how much you want to put down as an initial deposit toward your purchase. You’re not actually making the payment at this point, but the information is being integrated into your finance offer.
  5. Choose Finance Terms: Select the finance terms you prefer to work with. Once you do, you will receive a finance offer based on this and all of the information you’ve given thus far.

Make Your Purchase Official

Once all of the necessary questions have been answered for Online Shopper, you’ve reached the point where you can finalize your purchase! Here are the next steps:

  • Complete a Credit Application: You will be presented with a credit application to complete. If you fill out the application, Online Shopper will send you an automated email that directs you to the page where you can finalize your purchase. If you choose not to complete a credit application, a team member from Mercedes-Benz of Stockton will contact you shortly to discuss your next steps.
  • Final Terms Sheet: A final terms sheet will be sent to you that outlines your monthly payments and the interest rate you’ve been approved for. If you wish to add a warranty or any accessories to your overall purchase, this is the point where you would do so. After making any additional selections, you’ll receive your personalized final payment plan.

Accept Delivery of Your New Luxury Vehicle!

Once you’ve finalized your Online Shopper purchase with Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, your new luxury vehicle will be delivered right to your door. Our dedicated staff will have your new vehicle fully sanitized before you accept delivery. If you have any questions about specific features of your Mercedes-Benz, don’t hesitate to bring them up when your vehicle is delivered. Of course, you’re always welcome to contact us after the fact, too! Through any circumstance, the devoted staff at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton is here to provide you with a seamless, worry-free car-buying and ownership experience. 

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