Help Prevent Vehicle Theft

January 31st, 2019 by

We all know that vehicle break ins and thefts are a big problem. At Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, we want your vehicle to be safer from theft. By following a few simple steps, your vehicle will not be an inviting a target for those who want to steal.

Whenever you are away from your vehicle, make sure that your vehicle is locked. Also make sure that the windows are rolled all the way up so that it is harder for a thief to reach into the vehicle’s interior. Never leave your keys in the car. This just makes it easier for thieves to start your car and get away.

Thieves are not just looking to steal your car, they also want to steal what you have in the car. Make sure that valuable items such as phones and computers are not visible as they are among the most frequently stolen items.

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