How to Change the Battery in Your Mercedes-Benz Key Fob

When you own a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, one piece of information it pays to know is how to change the battery in a Mercedes-Benz key.

When you see signs of a dying battery in your Mercedes-Benz key, it’s a good idea to replace it as soon as possible, so you don’t run into problems starting your car or locking/unlocking the doors from afar. Fortunately, replacing a Mercedes-Benz key fob battery is easier than you might think! Simply refer to our guide below for more information on when a Mercedes-Benz key battery needs to be changed and how it’s done.

Signs It’s Time to Replace a Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Battery

When the battery in your Mercedes-Benz key begins to die, you’ll notice right away. Here are a few signs to watch out for:

  • It’s more difficult to start your vehicle. You have to press the button several times before the engine finally starts.
  • You’re unable to lock or unlock your car doors or activate the panic alarm on your Mercedes-Benz key chain.
  • You may notice a warning sign on the dash, signaling a problem with the charging system. This can indicate that your Mercedes-Benz key is dying.

To prevent any further issues, it’s a smart idea to take initiative and simply change your Mercedes-Benz key fob battery.

Mercedes-Benz replace key fob battery dashboard warning

Replacing the Mercedes-Benz Key Battery: Step-By-Step Guide

When you’re ready to replace the battery in your key fob, simply follow these steps and it should be good as new:

  • Figure Out Your Key Type: How you’ll change the battery depends on whether you have the newer Chrome SmartKey® or an older SmartKey®.
  • Choose the Correct Battery The newer Chrome SmartKey® requires one CR 2025 battery and the older SmartKey® requires two.
  • SmartKey® for Older Models: Start by pulling the latch at the end of the key holder, then push the key into the slot horizontally. The batteries should lift out of the compartment easily.
  • Chrome SmartKey® for Newer Models: Pull the tab at the bottom, then take off the cover by pushing the key into the narrow end of the slot. You can then remove the old battery and install the new one.

Where to Get a Mercedes-Benz Key Battery Replacement

Unsure of where to find a Mercedes-Benz key battery replacement? CR 2025 batteries can be bought in-store or online from just about any major department store/grocery retailer, or from a dedicated auto parts store. What if you need to replace the Mercedes-Benz key chain unit entirely? For this, you should stick with a certified parts department like the one here at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton. Our parts specialists will help you order a genuine OEM key fob that will work just as seamlessly with your vehicle as the old one did.

Receive Expert Mercedes-Benz Service at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton!

Whether you have more questions about how to change a battery in a Mercedes-Benz key, or Mercedes-Benz service costs, the technicians at our service center can answer! If you’re in need of service, schedule a service visit near Discovery Bay and Lathrop and we’ll be happy to assist you. Before you schedule, take a moment to browse our current service specials for Mercedes-Benz service coupons.

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